This economy has left many Latino families behind. And it’s clear who they look to blame for that. CNN reported that, “just 42% [of Hispanics] approved of the job [Joe Biden] is doing as President while 54% disapproved. Among Hispanic men, that number was even worse — with 61% disapproving of how Biden is doing.”

Like the rest of the nation, our Latino families struggle with soaring gas prices, rising housing and food prices, and a widening income gap.

After all the campaign promises to defeat COVID-19, the virus is winning, and more Americans have died under President Joe Biden than under President Donald Trump.

The problems are real, and no real solutions are coming from this administration.

  • Gas Prices — It’s a Global Issue
  • Inflation — It’s a Supply Chain Issue
  • Immigration — “Just Don’t Come”
  • COVID-19 — “Yeah, I Am Satisfied. I think We’ve Done Remarkably Well.”
  • Afganistan — “No Apologies”

Where is the personal responsibility? What is the truth? Where is the plan to fix the problems?

Like the rest of the nation, Latinos want some reassurance that our leaders are working on our behalf and not just finger-pointing and getting nothing done — action over words.

Hate him or like him, Latinos at least knew where they stood with Donald Trump. Latinos ignored Trump’s brash language and insults because we felt he was with us on the economy healthcare and was fighting for the working and middle class.

My family members strongly believe that if Donald Trump were in office, gas prices wouldn’t be at the level they are at right now. We would have a more open economy, and our police officers and communities dealing with the increase in crime would have a strong advocate in the White House, not an apologist.

For Latinos, El Donald worried about the economy because it helped all Americans, especially Latino families trying to build a better future for their children and grandchildren. For all his brashness, Trump understood his job was making our economy strong, creating opportunities for all who play by the rules, and fixing problems. That’s what Latinos and all Americans wanted.

Biden thinks because he is a Democrat and his Vice President is a woman of color, they don’t have to try. It’s only been a year, and Biden-Harris certainly haven’t tried. Maybe he hasn’t entirely lost the Latino community yet, but he better understand that we are growing tired of the many promises and the myriad of excuses when things don’t go right.

One year into Biden-Harris, things are worse for American families. If this administration doesn’t make some dramatic changes and start fixing problems, Latinos will be saying adios to Democrats in 2022, as Biden says adios to his Democratic congress. That’s a bold fact considering where we were a year ago.