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Hector and Mike are political experts with 50+ years of experience who look at politics, society, and government decisions and give their take on what is missing, lacking, or what is done right. They provide common sense solutions in an uncommon world.

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Making Headlines Is Nothing New for Newsom

March 9th, 2023|Gavin Newsom|

Gavin Newsom’s latest political move against Walgreens is another in a long line of unabashed stunts to promote his Presidential campaign-in-waiting. It shows the country what a media-chasing opportunistic politician he is, something Californians already know but don’t seem to

No Red Wave, Fetterman Wins, Eating Crow, Not Turkey

December 1st, 2022|Politics|

As we stuffed our bellies and spent time with our families, California is still processing 335,000 ballots. Mike and I reflected on our election analyses and what we got right and wrong. Before the election, Mike and I wondered if

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