California’s social and criminal justice warriors are sponsoring an Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA 3) that defines slavery to include involuntary servitude – programs such as prison and jail work programs. The latest battle is over convicted criminals involved in “rehabilitative work projects.” 

Somehow these “warriors” equate serving time in prison for violent and heinous acts to slavery. What an absolute insult to those who are descendants of slaves. It indeed shows the warped minds of some policymakers in this state. 

Samual Brown, a criminal justice reform advocate who served more than 20 years in state prisons, told the Sacramento Bee: “What has been taking place is the prison industrial complex doesn’t want to come flat out and say that they support slavery, so they’re finding more subtle ways to manipulate the process.”

When the proposed constitutional amendment failed to get the necessary votes, the author of the bill, Sen. Sydney Kamlager, D-Los Angeles, tweeted: “The CA State Senate just reaffirmed its commitment to keeping slavery and involuntary servitude in the state’s constitution. “Way to go, Confederates.”

Sen. Kamlager, in one tweet you insult Confederates and black people. Well done. You get the Donald J. Trump Tweet of the Week award. 

There are approximately 58,000 prison inmates assigned to jobs, and these social justice warriors want the State of California to pay them a minimum wage of $15 an hour. 

These social justice warriors forget taxpayers already pay for the inmate’s housing, meals, medical, dental, clothes, the correctional officers, and other services. 

When radical social justice warriors equate serving prison time as punishment for criminal acts to slavery, it mocks the history and seriousness of slavery. 

The Sacramento Bee has more on this absurd story: