Got A Problem You Can’t Seem To Get Fixed? Call Xi Jinping the Fixer, President of the People’s Republic of China.

San Francisco had a homeless problem – over 7700 at last count. And for some reason, the city couldn’t figure out what to do. Until they found out President Xi was visiting. Suddenly, all the homeless disappeared. We don’t know where they went, how they got there, or where they will go when Xi leaves, but they are gone. 

California has spent billions on fixing the homeless problem. All they needed was to call Xi Jinping the Fixer.

Are the streets full of poop and fentanyl running wild? Don’t know what to do? Call Xi Jinping the Fixer. San Francisco had poop in the street, needles on the sidewalks, fentanyl killing our citizens, and there was nothing elected officials could do about it. Until it was announced, Xi was coming to town. Suddenly the streets are clean, the poop is gone, and all is well. 

When the President of China visits San Francisco, he will also have California students along the roadway waving Chinese flags to make him feel good, a $2000 plate dinner with American CEOs who want to suck up to him, and a special event away from the Summit to show he is above all other leaders present.

America is bending over backward, and California taxpayers are footing the bill to make the President of China be treated “like an Emperor,” as the Chinese themselves proclaimed.

Which begs the question, when did America and California need a visit from Xi Jinping to fix our problems?