The California Attorney General’s release of personal information of California’s concealed-carry permit holders is not a data breach. 

The AG’s office posted the concealed-carry permit holders’ name, address, date of birth, race, criminal history, and more on their website. The AG has not said the information was stolen or taken from their system without their knowledge. There were no hackers, no firewalls breached, and no codes broken. 

Concealed-carry permit holders include judges, under-cover agents, retired law enforcement officers, and domestic violence victims. 

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mim told ABC30 that “gun owners should ensure their homes are secure, as personal addresses were shared.”

As repeat criminals are put back in neighborhoods, and law-abiding citizens are put in jeopardy by releasing their personal information. Was this a purposeful move by an Attorney General who protects criminals and jeopardizes gun owners?

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