Gavin Newsom’s latest political move against Walgreens is another in a long line of unabashed stunts to promote his Presidential campaign-in-waiting. It shows the country what a media-chasing opportunistic politician he is, something Californians already know but don’t seem to care about.

Gavin has stated “we are done” to Walgreens, meaning that he no longer will allow California or Californians to do business with Walgreens. The reason is that Walgreens has said they will not issue abortion pills in states that might conflict with state law.

The Governor of California says that a private business that must follow the laws of the state they operate in is caving to right-wing extremists. Translation: he will punish Walgreens in California for following the law he disagrees with.

Well, isn’t that a great headline for a headline seeking Presidential wanna-be? But who gets hurt by this stunt?

The people hurt by this stunt are not Walgreens stockholders – it’s the people in California who need help the most and depend on Walgreens for their prescriptions.

What about those seniors who have their account with Walgreens and depend on blood pressure, diabetes, anti-depression, or cancer medications and have been going to their local Walgreens for years?

It’s not the first time Newsom’s disapproval of a policy is played up for the media, even if it hurts Californians.

Look at his attacks on the oil and gas industry and gas-powered vehicles.  Newson has gone to war with California-produced oil and the combustion engine because he is worried about climate change and wants everyone to go out and buy an electric car.

California has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation. More people are leaving our state because they can’t afford housing or high prices. To meet our oil demand, California is currently importing 50 percent of its oil from places that are destroying the Amazon rain forest and displacing indigenous communities to pretend he is doing something about climate change. What about the oil from the Saudi family or other places worldwide that don’t like us or are anti-LGBTQ+ rights?

Newsom and his Attorney Generals (Becerra and Bonta) banned travel for California workers to 23 states. Yet on the flip side, Gavin imports oil from companies that kill people for being part of the LGBTQ+ community. Newsom even vacationed in one of those banned states last year (Montana). He also doesn’t prohibit California taxpayer-funded schools with sports teams from traveling to those states to play.

Walgreens is the latest example of a political posturing that is trying to make a name for himself on the national stage to run for President, as the people of California pay the price.